Surgery Pending

September 1st I had my consultation for top surgery with Dr.Stiller. It went really well! His recommendation is to do a double incision surgery with nipple grafts. If everything goes to plan we are looking at an early November surgery date. 

In order to get this surgery approved by insurance I need to get a letter from my therapist and my Dr that prescribes my testosterone. I saw my therapist this morning and I see my prescriber tomorrow. Getting a letter from both seems to be easy enough so far. So mostly now it’s just a waiting game for insurance to approve and then we can set my date for surgery. 

I’ll be having my surgery at Gritman hospital in Moscow, Idaho. I’ve never gotten care there before but I’m confident in my surgeon and I’m sure all will go well. 

I’m 5 months on T now and I’m finally starting to grow some facial hair. It’s still a bit hard to capture in pictures but you can kind of see it in this one. 

I look forward to seeing more progress on my facial hair soon. 🙂