Back in December you may recall I had a mental health crisis and ended up in the hospital. Well as a result of that my worst fear as a parent came true. CPS was called.

There was an interview with me and my wife and Ruby was visited at daycare but that was as far as it went.

We have been worried for a couple of months now but we just past our 60 days with no contact meaning our case is now closed. We can breathe a little bit easier.

Being bipolar and a parent is so challenging, and I will always worry about CPS showing up again. Guess it’s good motivation to take care of myself!


8 thoughts on “The Scary Part of Bipolar Parenting

  1. Did you call and incquire about your case? It wad likely closed a long time ago and you hadn’t needed to worry this whole time. It sounds like it was just a check, which is good.

      1. Exactly. It doesn’t sound like specific allegations were made, right? Either way, it won’t go in the system permanently and it’s motivation to keep getting better and honing your parenting skills. If you haven’t, check out Janet Lansbury’s blog.

      2. Then I bet all is good and it was a cautionary check. Though I think CPS could use a lot of improvements and oversteps bounds a lot, it is a good system to have.

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