Dear Pippin,
It’s been over a year now since we said goodbye to you, and every day it’s still hard. I miss you, with every fiber of my being.
Laying in bed tonight I still stretch my foot out, expecting to feel the warmth of your little dog body.
I miss your snuggles, your face licks, and especially your companionship.
I know we did the right thing by saying goodbye, but it doesn’t make it any easier without you. Some days I think it makes it worse.
I miss you Pippin Tobias. I wish things could be different and I could have you back, or at least this hole in my heart wasn’t so vast. Rest easy my sweet boy. Until I see you again.

Your devoted master, your Abba.




2 thoughts on “Dear Pippin

  1. So sorry. We lost our Mabel a year ago, and I still miss her and her many quirks. Dogs are such wonderful companions and furchildren, and it’s so hard to lose them.

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