I recently joined the local roller derby team, the Palouse River Rollers and have been taking part in their fresh meat training program.


It’s been very challenging since I’ve never been on roller skates before now. I used to roller blade growing up, but skates are a totally different beast!


We recently went to Spokane and visited the skate shop Krunch! I got some basic protective gear, and my very own pair of skates, that I absolutely love!!

I find myself improving every time I strap on my skates. Just today I learned how to skate backwards consistently  (a skill I’ve been trying to work on) and mastered a couple of jumps! I even increased my timed laps by 4, an improvement since Friday! I’m up to 18 now of the required 27 in 5 minutes. Getting closer!

One of my favorite parts about being apart of this team is how welcome I’ve felt, even from day 1. These amazing ladies are my family now and I’m so glad I met them. I even have a derby name,  it’s Jen N Toxxic.


I’ll let ya’ll know how my skills test goes in a couple of weeks. Wish me luck!

#bleedteal #derbylove #PRR #Toxxic


6 thoughts on “Derby Life

  1. So COOL! I’ve often wanted to do derby – I’m big and could take a beating, and LOVED skating growing up. But I’m also a pansy about my face.

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