For the Love of Books

Recently I held an usborne book party through a friend and I was able to get a large chunk of books for Ruby for a low price. (Thank you hostess rewards!)


Ruby loves books and being read to so I was very happy to add to her library.


These two are my favorites! But Ruby really loves the That’s Not My set. We have that’s not my pony, kitten, fairy and mermaid. All are touch and feel and are great for little readers!



She’s learning more words every day as well as signs. She’s getting good at please lately. I’m so excited for what’s in store next!

If you’d like to see what usborne has to offer or order your own books check out my friend Ashleys site!

Happy reading!!



It surrounds my every day. Wednesday it crippled me to the point of skipping out on all responsibility except for Ruby.

It’s mostly under control, but it gets the best of me every now and then. Like Wednesday, when all I did was sleep.

Then there was today. I got up, got dressed, got Ruby to daycare, jess to school and me. I ate breakfast on campus, went to both of my classes, the math lab, and dropped off paperwork. It was productive.

And tonight, I got Ruby to bed on my own, with no bottle and very little anxiety / frustration. Today was an incredible win and I’m so proud of myself!


Anxiety: 0 Jenn: Won