**** trigger warning *****

December. I think it’s officially my least favorite month now. On our birthday / anniversary I purposely overdosed on lithium. I calculated enough out to cause damage but not to kill myself.

I called 911 for myself. I spoke with a coworker who had to listen to me heave. My daughter saw me deteriorating in front of her tiny toddler eyes. My wife did the dishes, sobbing. I was dying.

I was taken to the hospital and monitored overnight. Tacycardic and disoriented. They pumped me full of fluids, 8 bags in total I think.

I was released the next day and have since been getting intensive help with my therapist and medication.

I’m currently in a mixed state, but school is going well and I’ve been sleeping the last two days so hope is on the horizon.


15 thoughts on “Flash back to December

      1. Disability would be good but if you want some tips on how to manage the house while struggling to get through each day, I have done it. Email me if you want to talk about it and work out some ideas.

  1. I’m so sad for you – the pain you feel must be immeasurable. I’m glad you are getting help now and I hope you don’t ever feel so low that you need to make that choice again. ❤

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