Ruck tied Tibetan


This was pretty comfortable, save for the ruck straps. I have read that if I sandwich them next time versus bunch them it should be more comfortable.

* She was up high
* I was able to get her snug
* No tie was comfortable!

* Ruck straps are uncomfortable
* She popped the seat 3 times while getting her secure

All in all I was happy for about half an hour before it got tiring. What should I try next??


Back Wrap Cross Carry

I’ve been having some difficulty with back carries in a wrap so my lovely wife bought me a size 5 Lenny Lamb woven wrap called Mint Lace. At first I wasn’t sure I liked it, but I do love it now!


I first tried it out doing a front wrap cross carry since I know it well. Definitely comfortable and easy to wrap with. Ruby even liked it!


Tonight I used the wrap your baby in love tutorial and learned how to hip scoot in a woven. It made this back carry really easy! (Tutorial below)

I really like that this carry doesn’t have ruck straps as those tend to dig into my shoulders.


She should definitely be up higher on my back but she felt secure and was clearly comfortable enough to fall asleep on our nightly walk.

What’s your favorite carry right now?


About two weeks ago miss Ruby started crawling! She is all over the place now!


We also recently got some more donor milk and she had some birthday milkies!


Ruby thoroughly enjoyed it this morning 🙂