So Ruby has had a slight flat spot for a few months now. It’s something we have been working on diligently but doesn’t seem to be getting better. We almost never lay her flat unless she’s getting changed or to sleep.

So we were referred to a physical therapist and saw him on Monday afternoon. Jeff is a nice guy. Usually does pediatric ot but sees cases of flat head or torticullis.

He took measurements of her head from front to back, side to side and on the diagonals. They generally don’t recommend band therapy or a helmet unless there’s a difference of 10mm or greater. Ruby is at 10mm.

Jeff gave us some trunk exercises and stretches to do with Ruby as a “conservative” approach. If nothing changes in a couple of months then we will revisit the helmet. Which is good because it gives us time to save up for it in the event that insurance doesn’t cover it or all of it. So that was our beginning of the week. Now for the rest of Holy Week.

Now for some obligatory cute pictures.






7 thoughts on “Helmet Baby

  1. Such a cute diaper! Noah has Torticullis but our pediatrician gave us a ton of exercises to do with him , and it has progressively gotten better. We are also looking to possibly get him a helmet but we will revisit it at Peds for their 4 month visit. Poor babies! Hope that’s not that case with little Ruby!

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