Things just got stressful. We have been asked by our roommates to leave because once again I’m out of work. *sigh* they aren’t interested in sharing space anymore and asked us to be out by the 15th.

We were told this yesterday. Completely blindsided by it is way more accurate. Stress doesn’t even begin to cover the emotions right now.

I have a few phone calls to make. The homeless council for starts. We have secured a storage unit at least and if need be we can couch crash at my in laws for a bit. Certainly far from ideal.

We are holding a yard sale on Saturday and hoping for some fundage. Our church is able to help with a deposit on a place as well. We DO have some support but this sucks.

Also,  did you know packing with a needy 4 month old is really challenging?  Even with baby wearing. Could someone also please tell me R has hit a sleep regression and that’s why she won’t sleep anywhere but in our bed and not because I fell with her. (That’s when this started)

Most of all we really need all your prayers,  good vibes and juju sent our way. Thank you friends.

We got to enjoy some sun today!

26 thoughts on “When you have to move in a week

  1. Wow, that really sucks that your roommates gave you such little notice. What happened to your job at Panera (I think that’s where it was?) 😦 I’m glad you have some supports in place and I hope you are able to find something quickly.

    And YES – her sleep issues are for sure the 4-month regression. It skips no one!

  2. Have you tried contacting your local tenants’ right board? They may be legally required to give you more than a week’s notice.

    I hope you’re able to find something quickly.

      1. I hope they can do something. It’s not right to only give someone’s a week notice. You may be able to qualify for subsidized housing, but at least in my area there’s often a wait for it.

  3. Oh man! This is one helluva whirlwind, lean on that support. Were you unable to pay your rent? If that is the case, I know the law here in Chicago is 5 days notice, which I almost had to deal with. I hope you have unemployment coming and can get on food assistance too.

      1. Then they legally would need to give you 30 days. The least acceptable to me is the end of March. If you move out before the end of the month you have paid then they have to refund you all those days that you paid but aren’t living there.

      2. We are paid up until the 15th of march which is when our next month’s rent would be due. Yeah middle of the month. It’s weird. I don’t know that I have the will to fight it. I’m exhausted and stressed out. 😦

      3. At least they won’t be stealing money from you. Really shitty of them to not give you proper notice but probably best to go and walk away the better people.

  4. Wow! That’s really such a terrible thing to spring on someone with a tiny baby. I’m almost certain they have to allot you at least a month to find a place and move, not a week. That’s not even really feasible. I hope that things work out for you. Good luck on those phone calls today. Sending prayers and love your way.

      1. I wish we were closer…is it the finances that are preventing you from finding somewhere or is it the short amount of time? Is there any way to talk to the roommates to let you stay until the end of the month and give you some time to find something? COuld they potentially be sympathetic to an infant and her moms sleeping a shelter!?!?! If not, they are totally heartless!

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