Last night was a world of Firsts for us and Ruby.

I fell while carrying her. Before I continue she is alright. I am alright,  mostly. Physically I’m fine.  Emotionally I’m a work in progress.

I was walking carrying her to grab some leggings from her changing table and I shifted my weight to balance her and on my next step I tripped and fell to my knees. I caught her but not before bthe back of her head hit the plastic laundry basket in front of us. She immediately started screaming, which is good apparently (now I know). I ran downstairs with her and was freaking out.  We called 911 and they were at our house in 5 minutes!  We are apparently in a good spot for emergency response. So Ruby had her first drop, ambulance ride, and her first er trip. I may have also gotten my first grey hair 😉

So we sat in the er to find out Ruby is perfect.  So relieved! I leave you with some pictures.

She really didn't like the BP monitor
Mama occupying her
Waiting for our ride home

It was a long evening. I promise the next update will be happier.


18 thoughts on “A World of Firsts

  1. I’m glad everything is okay. When my brother was little he was a frequent flier at the ER, he was gifted at finding ways to fall and land on his head.

  2. Oh man, I am glad you all are okay! I hope they walked you through what signs to watch for for future head bumps. She will have so many more as she starts to crawl and walk and climb on everything. I have dealt with a lot of head bumps but that one does sound scary! Wallace fell down a few carpeted steps, I nearly caught him, and I was prepared to call an ambulance. He screamed and I felt him all over then rushed him back into our apartment and nursed him until we were both calm. Dude was totally fine.

    1. They did walk us through it. I had an awful anxiety attack. Ems responded so fast though. I’m sure next time I’ll handle it better. I was so scared and beat myself up a little bit, but I know I’m a good Abba. Accidents happen.

      1. I remember a thread of conversation about this in a group I used to be in. One mom was carrying both her twins and slipped on an ice sidewalk. She was able to toss them into snow and they didn’t get hurt but she did. I bumped Wallace’s head on a doorframe a couple of times. It is definitely anxiety inducing but it happens to everyone.

      2. Yeah I’m glad it wasn’t down a flight of stairs or something. Definitely could have been worse. I’m glad that J didn’t get upset with me. That helped a lot.

      3. Yeh that is good she was calm! I bet she has bumped her before too. The internal guilt is hard enough to deal with without anyone else being upset with you. You also weren’t doing something careless or stupid, just normal things and a misstep. You have a ring sling? Maybe get in the habit of using it while you regain your confidence get through this accident.

      4. She is totally a great age to start using the ring sling with. I found a slightly off center carry was best until his head control got better. It was essential for doing laundry in the basement. You of course still have to be careful but you will be less afraid to drop her.

  3. Aw, glad you’re both ok! Evelyn once fell off my bed at around 5-6 months old. I’ve never felt so guilty and horrible about something parenting-related at that point. I think this is some sort of awful, unwanted rite of passage for parenting. We all make mistakes and all is well!

  4. Glad she’s alright and you are alright! I actually fell on my knees carrying Punky when she was that small, so totally know how that feels! Luckily she didn’t hit anything, but my knee has been messed up ever since! You had a nice parenting rite of passage and survived! 🙂

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