Dear Clayton

Dear Clayton,
Right now you are napping in the hospital crib across from me. You look so peaceful and for that I am grateful. We are listening to some instrumental music on Pandora.


I’m so sorry you’re not feeling well. Auntie wishes she could make it better for you. Your mama is worried and it sucks she had to go show up at work tonight. I promise you with all that I am that Auntie will always be here for you. I will always be here to kiss you better and when I can’t at least I can hold you and your mama too.


Here’s to you feeling better real soon and kicking this bronchitis in it’s butt.




Miss Ruby figured out rolling from back to belly about a week ago and now she’s a rolling machine! She also now has a jumper that she loves playing in for short periods of time.



She’s almost 5 months old and her personality is really shining through. She’s also been teething like mad and I see white off and on on her lower gums but have yet to get a picture of it.


She’s a happy little girl and we are very blessed.

When you have to move in a week

Things just got stressful. We have been asked by our roommates to leave because once again I’m out of work. *sigh* they aren’t interested in sharing space anymore and asked us to be out by the 15th.

We were told this yesterday. Completely blindsided by it is way more accurate. Stress doesn’t even begin to cover the emotions right now.

I have a few phone calls to make. The homeless council for starts. We have secured a storage unit at least and if need be we can couch crash at my in laws for a bit. Certainly far from ideal.

We are holding a yard sale on Saturday and hoping for some fundage. Our church is able to help with a deposit on a place as well. We DO have some support but this sucks.

Also,  did you know packing with a needy 4 month old is really challenging?  Even with baby wearing. Could someone also please tell me R has hit a sleep regression and that’s why she won’t sleep anywhere but in our bed and not because I fell with her. (That’s when this started)

Most of all we really need all your prayers,  good vibes and juju sent our way. Thank you friends.

We got to enjoy some sun today!

A World of Firsts

Last night was a world of Firsts for us and Ruby.

I fell while carrying her. Before I continue she is alright. I am alright,  mostly. Physically I’m fine.  Emotionally I’m a work in progress.

I was walking carrying her to grab some leggings from her changing table and I shifted my weight to balance her and on my next step I tripped and fell to my knees. I caught her but not before bthe back of her head hit the plastic laundry basket in front of us. She immediately started screaming, which is good apparently (now I know). I ran downstairs with her and was freaking out.  We called 911 and they were at our house in 5 minutes!  We are apparently in a good spot for emergency response. So Ruby had her first drop, ambulance ride, and her first er trip. I may have also gotten my first grey hair 😉

So we sat in the er to find out Ruby is perfect.  So relieved! I leave you with some pictures.

She really didn't like the BP monitor
Mama occupying her
Waiting for our ride home

It was a long evening. I promise the next update will be happier.

Four Months Old!

Oh my! Where has the time gone?! Miss Ruby is officially 4 months old. She weighs 13 pounds 11.5oz and is 25″ long.


She enjoys her swing now for short periods of time as well as her floor mat and tummy time.


She’s started grasping objects pretty consistently now and her sweet happy personality is really starting to shine through.  She also really loves music, especially when we put on Disney Pandora! Her favorites are Aladdin or The Lion King.


We have been blessed with a baby that sleeps about 6-8 hours almost every night. Trust me, I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop on that front.  😉

We recently got a few baby carriers with tax return money. Didymos Indio Aurora.


Also a girasol firework.


Also a Tula!


We also scored her legacy wrap. Oscha Ladybirds for our ladybug. It’s on its way to us!


All in all life is okay right now 🙂 Hope you all are well too.