Miss Ruby is officially two weeks old today! My how the sleepless nights have flown by (sorta).

My mom and mema visited the 1st through 8th. Now that they have left it will be easier (in theory) to settle into a routine. She’s hit her two week growth spurt so we didn’t get to actually sleep until almost 630am yesterday. Hoping it’s not the same story for tonight although it’s not looking promising at 10 past midnight currently.

On top of losing our pup to a ruptured disk and hind end paralysis I have a cold and a lack of sleep. Yay me! -_-

In other news cloth is going really well and I’m so glad we made the decision to use it. Breastfeeding has been up and down for Jessica but she and Ruby are both getting there. It takes time but they are getting there a little more every day.

Now to leave you with some cuteness:




                  Four generations 🙂


7 thoughts on “Two weeks old!

      1. Be sure to take no fewer than 100 pictures of Ruby a day. Do videos too! Then, when she is sleeping, look at the pictures on your phone because you can’t sleep. Also, if I had a partner, I would have made them get sleep while I was up all night so they had the energy to cook me food and let me nap.

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