One Month Old


Still in newborn clothes somehow and fully cloth diapered.

She’s doing amazing! Really starting to look at us rather than through us. She reactively smiled twice so far and it’s awesome. She’s breastfed on demand and topped off with donor milk. She’s thriving and we are so in love.

We usually get at least one four hour stretch in the night. Pretty good for a one month old!



We had a great thanksgiving! Great grandpa came to visit and it was awesome! ­čÖé


Influenster: Laninsoh┬« mOmma Bottle┬« with NaturalWave┬« nipple Review

I was sent the Laninsoh mOmma Bottle with NaturalWave nipple via Influenster to try and review it. This is my review.

Overall, an okay bottle. Liked the design, and the nipple shape seemed to be a bit closer to a breast than other bottles.My daughter was able to suck in a lot more air than other bottles we have, unless I held the bottle completely upright. It’s not a huge deal, but since it can take a while for her to eat, I like to multitask, and that wasn’t really possible with this bottle. When held up completely, worked better for her, and I don’t have any complaints in that position. She seemed a bit more gassy than usual after eating, but I attribute that to the amount of air she sucked in. I probably would stick with the other brand of bottles we prefer, but this is a good back up.

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Two weeks old!

Miss Ruby is officially two weeks old today! My how the sleepless nights have flown by (sorta).

My mom and mema visited the 1st through 8th. Now that they have left it will be easier (in theory) to settle into a routine. She’s hit her two week growth spurt so we didn’t get to actually sleep until almost 630am yesterday. Hoping it’s not the same story for tonight although it’s not looking promising at 10 past midnight currently.

On top of losing our pup to a ruptured disk and hind end paralysis I have a cold and a lack of sleep. Yay me! -_-

In other news cloth is going really well and I’m so glad we made the decision to use it. Breastfeeding has been up and down for Jessica but she and Ruby are both getting there. It takes time but they are getting there a little more every day.

Now to leave you with some cuteness:




                  Four generations ­čÖé