I’m sure this will get edited and pictures added but here’s the basics of our babes birth.

Jess started to have contractions off and on on Sunday afternoon the 26, her estimated due date. Around 2 am we figured we were hitting early labor. Jess labored at home between the bed and birth ball for several hours with contractions every 6-8 minutes apart.

We didn’t sleep much. Around 6 am we slept off and on until around 8 when her contractions hit every 4-5 minutes apart lasting anywhere from 45 seconds to one minute long. We notified our doula and the hospital. Around 930 we decided to get Jess checked out. At this point she was about 4 cm dilated and baby girl was very low and working on engaging. We decided to go walk around the mall to see if things would progress. After about an hour we headed back to be checked again because Jess had started tearing up and her contractions hit every 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 minutes and were more intense.

Our doula met us at the hospital this time and helped us work through a plan. Jess very much wanted as little intervention as possible and a natural labor and delivery. After a long discussion with our doula and each other we decided we wanted to be admitted and were okay with her waters being broken. We understood the risks of more interventions but laboring exhausted at home half an hour away and coming in exhausted seemed like more of a risk of interventions.


The midwife suggested what’s called therapeutic rest to which Jess agreed was the best decision she and I made. She was given morphine and benadryl to relax and rest before breaking her water. After about two hours of rest she was checked and was a 4 1/2. The midwife then broke her water that at this point was definitely bulging. Our midwife and we agreed that we thought she was just a little too comfortable and needed a little pushy. Her water was broken around 9pm on 10/27. We did lots of walking at this point and intermittent fetal monitoring.

Around 930 she needed a little extra and we hit the shower followed shortly thereafter by the labor tub. We knew she was headed towards transition as she started vocalizations and small rest periods between contractions that were coming pretty back to back at this point. Around 1000 she smacked into transition with back to back contractions that were very intense. We spent a lot of this time changing positions. Lots of ball to hands and knees. She hit 9 cm while up leaning into the bed hands and knees pose with me sitting on the plastic part under the head of the bed holding her hands and helping her through contraction after contraction.

Tracy was instrumental during this whole process but especially transition and delivery. Especially as Jess got tired or forgot to breathe through the contractions. Our mantras included “breathe that baby down” and “focus on Jenn”. Transition lasted about four hours. She hit a 9 and slid to a 10 around 100am and “got pushy”.


She did lots of pushing up on the bed hands and knees style, but delivered her in more of a side lying position. The midwife was incredible during pushing. She helped Jess learn to push effectively and move our baby girl down.

After 90 minutes of pushing our baby girls head emerged! I was able to help birth our girl and pull her to Jess abdomen until the placenta was delivered whole and beautiful. We did delayed cord clamping and I’m proud to say that I cut it in one swipe!


She’s here! Jess was a rock star! Ruby Rae Maxine Hartman. Born weighing 7 lbs 10 oz and 20 inches long. She’s perfect.




Oh and I’ve made parent status officially after catching a muconium poo in my hand. Yep. It’s true wuv. ❀

18 thoughts on “Rubys Arrival

  1. Congratulations! Sounds like Jess did fantastic and you all had a great team. I can’t wait to hear about her first few days and I keep checking facebook for more pictures. I found that putting coconut oil on at every diaper change really helped the meconium wipe off easier.

  2. Aaahhhhhh! Congratulations!! She’s simply gorgeous! Huge props to Jess for handling it all so well. So if I read everything correctly, Ruby was born on the 28th? That’s my birthday, too! πŸ˜‰ Enjoy your baby girl, mamas!

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