Thursday was 39+4 here’s the beautiful belly:


Some timeable contractions off and on tonight but they’ve since stopped. We had spicy Tikka masala for dinner tonight. Guess we will see. Edd is Sunday. Getting closer and closer every minute I also finished her baby blanket today!


I’m very proud of myself! I worked very hard on it. I’m now in the middle of making her a booby hat šŸ™‚ after that will be a sleep sack and after that I’m going to make a blanket for a friend’s little boy.

10 thoughts on “39+4

  1. Soon soon! I know I hated when everyone said “you will know when you’re in labor” but it is true. Totally normal for some contractions here and there or to have them all day then they stop at night. Every little bit helps.

      1. Did you all do any birth classes? I am all for suggesting you massage her back, neck, feet, whatever makes her more comfortable. I would have been all about that if I had had someone. And muffins. Bake and freeze muffins by the oven full!

      2. We didn’t have the money for a birth class. Our doula has been very helpful though! I’m planning on doing some baking today actually šŸ™‚ and she gets lots of rubs whenever she asks and I offer frequently.

      3. Bummer, I took the hospital one free but it mostly taught me what to expect in the hospital and a little anatomy type birth stuff like what dilation and effacement mean. Add oatmeal and flax meal to everything!

      4. Lactation cookies are on the to do list first šŸ™‚ I wish the class was free! We know from last appointment on Tuesday that she’s 3 cm dilated and about 75% effaced. She wanted to be checked.

      5. I’m going to hope for her that means it is a fast labor! You can make lactation everything: pancakes, muffins, meatballs, cookies, banana bread. Oatmeal can be blended and turned into flour and substituted as all or part of wheat flour. Look up 5 minute paleo muffins for an easy and healthy muffin recipe.

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