Our baby shower was last weekend and it was fantastic! We got some really adorable things. Including our pack and play which will be super helpful!!


It’s even got cute little owls on it! 🙂

Our cake turned out fantastic too!


The little cupcakes were spice cake and chocolate for the big cake.

We had a lovely time and I’m very happy with the turn out.

Now, on to the unexpected birth! No, it’s not Ruby! My sister in law had her baby boy on Tuesday night at 1138 pm via cesarean. He was footling breach and so a csection was performed. She was 36+6. His lungs are fine, his heart is great. He was screaming the moment he was born. Mama is also doing good.


Clayton David was born weighing 6lbs 8oz and 19 inches long. A tiny little fella! It’s a darn good thing we have a baby on the way because he has given me such baby fever! I shall spam you with cute baby boy photos now!


She’s nursing mostly but also supplementing with formula. His latch is getting better though and my sil is doing great!


First selfie with Auntie!


Ruby was kicking away at Clayton while Jess held him. It was funny. :p


Finally home. This is a stuffed lion for comparison. He’s a tiny little squish and we love him so ❤


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