Well we have hit the 30 week mark! 🙂 Ruby is growing and almost never stops moving (very reassuring let me tell you!) We have made a rough draft of our birth plan, and have our hospital tour this Sunday! We are just under 10 weeks until our little Ruby arrives. This third trimester seems to have snuck up on us real fast. And now for a picture:


In other news, poor mama is suffering from an ear infection. 😦 She’s had her ear flushed out both at the clinic and at home and we are using ear drops to fight off the infection and the pain. Send healing vibes her way would ya? I hate seeing her in pain and ear pain is some of the worst!


Yesterday (the 19th) also marks three years since our first “I do”. We had a hand fasting ceremony in front of family and friends. I can’t believe it has flown by so fast! It truly seems like it wasn’t that long ago.



I started work at a temp agency today, and it was just my luck that I tweaked my back. -_- Yep! That’s me! *sigh* SO I shall be seeing the doctor tomorrow if I’m still in pain (judging by the pain I’m in tonight and the pop I felt when it happened, I will be). At least it will be on the companies dime and not mine. Definitely not ideal, I’d of course rather NOT have gotten hurt and be able to go back to work as scheduled Friday and Saturday. *sigh*


9 thoughts on “30 Weeks, Ear Infection and More!

    1. I’m sure we will be feeling better soon 🙂 I’ve got a heat pack on my back now. It’s nice! A hand fasting is a pagan ceremony that’s typically used for engagement of a year and a day. After that the couple may choose to split or be married after that time. If it hadn’t had to go to a vote we would have married a year and a day later. However we were legally wed on 12-12-2012 our shared birthday so it too is special 🙂

  1. Yay for 30 weeks! I had an ear infection a few months ago. Homemade garlic oil and a warm rice pack saved me. My last one a few years ago hung around for a couple weeks and medicated ear drops didn’t touch it.

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