We have officially made it to the 29 week mark and Ruby is growing and growing!

29 weeks

We have our next appointment on Friday, and we are in full blown prep for our Baby shower in September! It all seems to be flying by right now! I wish it would slow down just a tiny bit though. I’m not sure if I’m ready for it to end, and I’m not even the pregnant one.

In other news after leaving my job at Securitas I am in full blown job searching mode. Hoping the background check comes back quickly from Toys R Us and I can start there soon OR that I’ll be hired on at Cotton Babies. For now I’m working on unemployment. Some days are harder than others but we are managing.  Well that’s all for now.



4 thoughts on “29 Weeks and growing!

  1. If it helps *at all*, I felt the same way until I hit about 34-35 weeks. The great discomfort that has come with 90+ degree weather and getting punched in delicate places by my little Bug have helped me start to feel ready to have them on the outside.

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