Had or 25 week appointment today. Ruby is doing well. 150bpm on her heartbeat. Wife is measuring at 26cm – right on track!

We watched a totally 90s video about preterm labor and it definitely had the “preterm labor is your fault” vibe throughout its 6 minutes or so. However we now know what to look out for and that’s important.

We are hoping to sign up for birth classes pretty soon. $70 for 5 sessions or 2 sessions (haven’t decided if we want 2 long ones or the shorter ones). Advice on this is welcome. I’m not sure what Kaiser teaches method wise.

Does anyone have reliable – hopefully pretty unbiased – information about the Tdap shot during pregnancy? I know they are going to suggest it soon and I’d like to be well informed on any risks, successful transfer rate to Ruby etc. Please no vaccine bashing. It is our choice to vaccinate and be educated.

Still job hunting. So far no real leads. Keep on trying though! And now, I leave you with a photo.


                 This was on Sunday 🙂


5 thoughts on “25 weeks

  1. My best friend got Pertussis (one of the diseases that vaccine is for) when her kid was fairly young and it was no fun for either of them. She ended up getting pneumonia from it twice (or maybe the antibiotics didn’t take on the first round) and it took her literally months to get back to 100% (while being a SAHM with an active toddler who just wanted to play). Thankfully her son was old enough that he wasn’t at risk of it being fatal, as it is for younger infants, he recovered fairly quickly in a matter of weeks (I think he had his vaccines on schedule, not sure if he had been old enough to be vaccinated or if he was just unlucky enough to be one of the kids for whom the vaccine wasn’t super effective). Nobody almost died or anything dramatic, but there was a lot of coughing in that household.

    Ruby’s immune system isn’t really there yet (it won’t until after she’s born), currently any antibodies in her body come from you and if you breastfeed, she can get antibodies after birth against it from you. She will eventually need her own vaccine.

    I will get it if I ever successfully get pregnant. But then again I’m pro-vaccine in general (the only one I’m considering refusing is HepB at birth, because of the few risk factors for our kid and how it’s not very effective).


    1. Thank you! I’m wanting to do hepB at the 2 week as well. Jess is undecided atm on that one. I don’t not want her to be vaccinated. I just want all the information I can you know?

  2. We did a 5 session class and felt it to be really helpful. Also, my mom used to teach childbirth classes (she now does breastfeeding classes) for Kaiser in California. Not sure how/if the curriculum differs from state to state, but I know she felt the more opportunity for info, the better. And for what it’s worth, I got my Tdap injection at my last midwife appt.

  3. We aren’t people who like to go out in the middle of strangers and things. So, we opted for an at home class. I got the video from this site and it was extra helpful actually. http://www.laughandlearn.com/ All I needed to know was in there about labor and the childbirth part. Looking back, well – it was a great alternative for us – however of course, labor doesn’t ever go according to plan from what I hear, we were not an exception.

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