A friends wife did a cool thing while she was pregnant with her son K a few years ago – letters to her offspring. Along the same lines as that I’m planning on writing a set of letters to Ruby, this being the first one – so here it goes!

Dear Ruby,
Mama is now 22 weeks and 3 days along with you. You are growing and moving more every day! I love feeling your little kicks, thumps and movements. I have even started seeing you thump on the outside lately! That is pretty cool! I’ve attempted to catch it on video, but have yet to. There is still time. 😉

I have been working on knitting you a blanket and I must say I am quiet pleased with it so far! Just a simple knit stitch all the way but it’s multiple colors and I hope it will become one of your favorites to snuggle with as you grow.

Abba has been prepping your cloth diaper stash and we only have a few inserts left to get, and mama will probably be making those. Then your booty is all set for cloth! I hope you will thank us one day for not putting those knarly disposable chemicals on your most sensitive of areas!

You are growing every day! You are around a foot in length and about a pound now! Don’t you and Mama look amazing?


All my love,
Your Abba


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