Holy cow! How did we get here already?? 20 weeks as of today! It seems like it was forever away back in February and yet now here it is. Halfway there.

Ruby has taken to resting very low lately. So low the Mrs jokes she might just fall out! Aside from that she’s kicking up a storm in there. I’ve yet to feel it but I keep waiting patiently.

Beautiful little baby girl
This was after kicking the ultrasound wand. Yep, over her head.

She was super active at the anatomy scan (J had orange juice with breakfast). It was SO cool to see her moving around. Opening and closing her mouth and waving everything around. She even tapped her foot at us! Sassy little thing. That’s my girl!


This is the official halfway photo. That belly totally just appeared. She’s all baby too 🙂 hasn’t gained a thing. In fact has lost 7 pounds. OB isn’t currently concerned, and yes, I do feed her.


I’ll leave you with some belly love ❤ Next step: plan the baby shower!

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