A friends wife did a cool thing while she was pregnant with her son K a few years ago – letters to her offspring. Along the same lines as that I’m planning on writing a set of letters to Ruby, this being the first one – so here it goes!

Dear Ruby,
Mama is now 22 weeks and 3 days along with you. You are growing and moving more every day! I love feeling your little kicks, thumps and movements. I have even started seeing you thump on the outside lately! That is pretty cool! I’ve attempted to catch it on video, but have yet to. There is still time. 😉

I have been working on knitting you a blanket and I must say I am quiet pleased with it so far! Just a simple knit stitch all the way but it’s multiple colors and I hope it will become one of your favorites to snuggle with as you grow.

Abba has been prepping your cloth diaper stash and we only have a few inserts left to get, and mama will probably be making those. Then your booty is all set for cloth! I hope you will thank us one day for not putting those knarly disposable chemicals on your most sensitive of areas!

You are growing every day! You are around a foot in length and about a pound now! Don’t you and Mama look amazing?


All my love,
Your Abba


Dear Ruby

Dear Ruby,
I felt you kick yesterday! It was magical. You’ve been moving around like crazy lately. It’s incredible to feel your little jabs – if I’m patient with my hand on mama’s belly.

We are getting ready for you every day. Already halfway through! 22 weeks on Sunday! Sometimes it’s so hard to believe we are finally here. 🙂 we even got you your first pair of little shoes.


Mama is doing amazing so far. She’s all you as well. That belly is allll you.

We love you so much Ruby.

All my love,

Halfway There!

Holy cow! How did we get here already?? 20 weeks as of today! It seems like it was forever away back in February and yet now here it is. Halfway there.

Ruby has taken to resting very low lately. So low the Mrs jokes she might just fall out! Aside from that she’s kicking up a storm in there. I’ve yet to feel it but I keep waiting patiently.

Beautiful little baby girl
This was after kicking the ultrasound wand. Yep, over her head.

She was super active at the anatomy scan (J had orange juice with breakfast). It was SO cool to see her moving around. Opening and closing her mouth and waving everything around. She even tapped her foot at us! Sassy little thing. That’s my girl!


This is the official halfway photo. That belly totally just appeared. She’s all baby too 🙂 hasn’t gained a thing. In fact has lost 7 pounds. OB isn’t currently concerned, and yes, I do feed her.


I’ll leave you with some belly love ❤ Next step: plan the baby shower!