It’s crazy how bloating changes day to day. However babe is starting to move up out of her pelvis! He or she also is getting finger prints. How incredible is that?!

She has lost five pounds and I have gained 7. Sympathy weight? Me gaining is a good thing at least.

Oh! Any ideas for transitioning for our dog? He can be pretty needy sometimes and barks at every noise under the sun! Any tips for getting him ready for pumpkin would be so appreciated!


4 thoughts on “Comparison

  1. There are places that offer “baby classes” for dogs to train them for pregnancy and baby arrival. I’ve never done one, but my sister did, and they taught her doberman a few basic things – walking down the stairs in front of her so she couldn’t trip or get tangled in her legs was the biggest help. Good luck!

      1. We had a dog who barked at noises frequently but oddly never barked at the noises from the baby. I think he understood early on that it was just another person living in the house. He was more scared than anything.
        He did bark frequently at visitors, which interrupted sleeping quite a bit, until we learned to let him greet them outside the door to get all of his feels out. Best trick in my book.

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