Well this is my first (and hopefully last) graveyard shift at my new post. I’ve worked graveyard before at my previous post, but not like this. 

My duties consist of patrolling inside and outside the building as well as a boiler check every hour to check the temperature and make sure there are no alarms. The boiler is on the 11th floor which means I take the elevator to the 10th and then take the stairs to the 11th. That’s not so bad, the part I don’t like is that it is a mechanical space. Lots of big machines that randomly start sometimes. Like this morning at 1 am the compressor came on, startling me like a damn horse. The other part I don’t like about it is that my mind likes to wander. Usually to the weeping angels, although tonight it was The Silence. Damn BBC and their addictive shows! 

The other part that differs vastly from the last time I was on graveyard besides where I am is that I am alone here. The janitors left around midnight and then it turned into just me. I’ve always had issues of being alone at home, and now I HAVE to deal with it while I”m here tonight. *sigh* I will make it through, my anxiety is making it challenging though. Another aspect I’m not a fan of is that the janitors turned the lights off on some of the floors. Floors that I have to patrol. -_- you bet your bippy this lady turned those lights on quick! Of course I had to walk to the switches in semi darkness. Thank God I remembered to bring my flashlight to work with me! I can’t decide if it’s sad or just pathetic that at 24 years of age I still have a fear of the dark. 😦

After this shift is over I will happily sleep away most of the day with my pup curled up at my feet. Sadly I will be working again at 3pm. However it’s not my usual short 3 hour shift. Oh no. I agreed to cover my co-workers 3 to 11 shift due to him having jury duty. Why he needs the day off for it I don’t know. I feel like coming in late would have worked just as well, since the courthouse closes at 5, and it’s just down the street, but whatever.

I think what is making this worse is that I have been fighting an outer and middle ear infection in my right ear. It has been brutal let me tell you! On top of that I have had a headache non-stop for two days (I think it’s finally going away though, fingers crossed) AND AF came for her visit. Ugh! Can you say miserable?! I know I am!

In other news, Jess is doing great! She’s starting to feel better as we inch towards the second trimester – already! It is wonderful! Little Pumpkin is doing great too. Had our appointment last Monday to confirm dating and he or she is fabulous. Was moving around all over the place! Jess keeps saying she can’t wait to feel our active little one inside her, and I don’t blame her one bit! So far this pregnancy has been fantastic, and we are hoping that it continues. Next appointment will be next week and I am looking forward to hearing out little ones heartbeat again. I’ve yet to truly capture it on our fetal heart listener. I think we will be upgrading to the Sonoline Fetal Doppler though. Any experience with this??

8 thoughts on “Working the Grave

  1. My bestie used a fetal doppler to hear her first baby, but after weeks (maybe months) of tuning in to him every night before bed, she learned from her OB/GYN that she really had only been hearing her own heart and other bodily functions. He was still too little to hear, haha. Later in her pregnancy her cheap (don’t know the brand, sorry) doppler picked him up and she could hear his heartbeat. Not sure what week they start getting big/strong enough to hear, but be patient, I’m sure Pumpkin will start sending you morse code soon!

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