We told the family. My parents are so excited. My dad and step dad were shocked but are ready to be Grandpa and Grampie. My mum will be Gran.

Her family is excited but I think her sister is a little butt hurt. Almost like we are trying to “steal her thunder”. She will get over it. We tried for almost two damn years! We deserve this happiness!

My MIL decided to take a stab at us cloth diapering. She dared say our child would be in disposables while there… HA! Fat chance at that! My FIL ON the other hand was interested and thought the red and green example diapers we brought were really cool. That made me really smile!

MIL also tried to say we would have a joint baby shower… My wife and SIL are a couple weeks off from each other’s guess dates. Sorry, it may be selfish but we are having our own shower. Not only is this our first child but it wouldn’t be fair to our newest niece or nephew either. I can see the battles starting…

In other news first appointment Monday!

I’ll leave you with a cute tired wifey photo:


11 Potentially Interesting Facts About Me

1) I was born on a Tuesday; the oldest of three and the only girl.

2) I grew up in small town Maine on my Papa’s farm.

3) I love farm animals, especially horses. I even know how to ride. I love dressage! Western is fun for speed and driving is challenging but fantastic!

4) I moved across the country to stay with my wife (then girlfriend) after only 4 months together. My parents thought I was crazy. I call it love.

5) My wife and I share the same birthday. 12/12/89. She’s 22 hours older then me. Our only birth differences besides time and place were: she was 6lb 13oz 19 1/2in and I was 6lb 13oz 19 1/4 in.

6) Most people think it’s really weird that I know and remember all that information. Occasionally someone will think it’s cool. I call it fate.

7) I am a Jill of all trades in the workforce. I’ve done a ton of customer service! Everything from retail to security. My true heart however, belongs to farming and horses.

8) I do love helping people and have a decent working knowledge of basic first aid / medicine and have highly considered going to school to be an LPN.

9) My wife and I tried for almost two years and will happily be welcoming our first child somewhere around October 26, 2014. The same time frame as our newest niece or nephew.

10) We owe immense gratitude to our wonderful known donor. Without him our little pumpkin would not be possible. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful man in our life to help us create another precious soul. Thank you B. It means the world to us.

11) I play the French Horn and Piano – used to play clarinet. I hope to pass on the love of music (among many other things) to our child and hopefully future children.

Now how about you? What are your 11 things?