We have graduated to the start of morning sickness. Lots of naps happening in this house too! Only 3 weeks until we get to see our little pumpkin.

Can a heartbeat be heard at 8 weeks? 😀




Four weeks +5 days. Our pumpkin is just a poppy seed right now. Our first baby appointment is March 17th – St. Patrick’s Day! What a lucky day! 🙂 The Mrs has taken a few tests and each time we get our YES! Eases a mind and heart to see it though. I think our appointment will really help ease my worry some.

No huge amounts of morning sickness for the Mrs yet. Slight gas and cramping. Big one is bloating and sheer tiredness. Thankfully she’s snoozing as I type this. Poor thing hardly slept at all last night. 😦


Well the Mrs got a 16.2 on her progesterone this time. She was on the highest dose of 7.5 mg of Femara. She got a better level on the middle dose, but is not convinced if she does the middle dose again she will get the better results. We are still in the TWW, about halfway through now, and with the current level she still *could* be pregnant this try. I’m so beyond frustrated with this whole process. It feels like we will never get our rainbow baby and that kills me 😥