Well, IUI may be in our future. Considering it will cost us around $3,000 for the initial paperwork, testing etc for using our donor as a directed donor.


Any advice?


5 thoughts on “Decisions

  1. Depending on how you feel about not being fully open, we did not go through a directed donor protocol using our known donor by allowing the clinic to assume or donor was my sexual partner. There are definitely pros and cons but we made the decision to do this rather than spend the extra money and wait for quarantine. I also know if another couple who were using a known donor and their doctor allowed them to do fresh IUIs because they had done enough at home inseminations to qualify for that doc.
    I’d be happy to share more about our experience and how we have navigated the clinic, if you’re interested.

    1. I’ve heard that if you’ve been trying to inseminate with someone’s sperm they count as a sexual partner regardless of if it was intercourse-inspired insemination or not. The issue is if you’re already exposing yourself to any potential pathogen in the sperm or not. Doing at home insemination they have nothing to gain by a quarantine period as it won’t protect them against anything as she’s already been exposed.

    2. Our OB – would be doing the procedure – knows we have a known donor. She is comfortable doing it, but our insurance won’t let her. No way to really get around it and it really really sucks. We can do it at OHSU but that’s still the $2700 plus cost of procedure up front. With our insurance we would be billed for the procedure, much easier to handle. Decisions decisions.

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