It’s a good word. It pretty much describes me lately. I have been flying off the handle more times in the last couple of weeks then is really called for. I know that I’m out of whack with my medication.

I  had labs drawn this morning and my Lithium level looks great, kidney, liver all good. My thyroid (tsh) went from a 3.56 to a 5.22 in just about 3 months. To me that seems to be a bit of a jump, but I’m waiting to hear back from my psych. To be honest I am a little bit nervous.

In TTC news, we are one week into our TWW. This is try 19 and is the first on Femara for the Mrs. No major side effects (at least not compared to the Clomid). I think the Mrs is convinced it’s not working due to the no outward side effects. She had her lab drawn today to check her Progesterone. Still waiting on the results. Hopefully tomorrow. Her chart is a tad wonky but she missed some temps in there.


Guess we get to wait and see. I am so hoping this is our month, that we get a sticky bean, and that sticky bean turns into a beautiful healthy baby. I want to be holding my little bug this fall. This Abba is more than ready!


4 thoughts on “Outrageous

  1. I am hoping so very much that this is your month, too. Also, those charts…after looking at so many from my friends who are TTC, I still really don’t know how to read them! LOL

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