It’s what I honestly wanted to say to the woman who approached me in the dark-ish Safeway parking lot the other night. She says she was trying to get donations for (not sure if sister, friend whoever) who “literally had nothing for Thanksgiving” so I told her a lie “I’m sorry I really just don’t have any cash” (I had a few bucks in my wallet) She then went on to say that we could go inside and buy a gift card (another lie) “I’m sorry I just don’t have the extra.

In reality I could have spared $5 – but I didn’t. I really just didn’t want to help this random, strange woman approaching me in the dark. Call me wrong or a horrible person if you wish.

Should I have just told her that I didn’t want to help her? Honesty is the best policy (usually that is) What would you have done?

5 thoughts on “I Just Don’t Want to Help You

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