Dear Harper

Dear Harper,

It’s your Abba here. Mama and I wanted you to know that we are thinking about you my darling. You have your own ornament – in fact it is the topper to our tree this year. We really wish that we had gotten to know you Earthside and get to spend what would have been your first Christmas with us. Mama has a beautiful necklace with all our birthstones in a “pea pod”. Hopefully you’re getting your little brother or sister ready for us. I know you would have been a brilliant big sister Earthside. Mama and I love you very much Harper Patience.


All my Love,

Your Abba


I Just Don’t Want to Help You

It’s what I honestly wanted to say to the woman who approached me in the dark-ish Safeway parking lot the other night. She says she was trying to get donations for (not sure if sister, friend whoever) who “literally had nothing for Thanksgiving” so I told her a lie “I’m sorry I really just don’t have any cash” (I had a few bucks in my wallet) She then went on to say that we could go inside and buy a gift card (another lie) “I’m sorry I just don’t have the extra.

In reality I could have spared $5 – but I didn’t. I really just didn’t want to help this random, strange woman approaching me in the dark. Call me wrong or a horrible person if you wish.

Should I have just told her that I didn’t want to help her? Honesty is the best policy (usually that is) What would you have done?