Part of my afternoon was spent making some pretty fabulous Pumpkin Fudge! I thought I’d share my process and the recipe.

What you will need:
White Sugar
Evaporated Milk
Marshmallow Creme
Canned Pumpkin
Ground Cinnamon
Vanilla Extract
White Chocolate Chips

You will also need a medium sized sauce pan, a whisk, 9×9 pan, candy thermometer and aluminum foil.

First you will line a 9×9 pan in aluminum foil (I totally didn’t get a picture of this step, oops!) I also sprayed a quick mist of olive oil on the foil so it hopefully won’t stick.

Next in a medium sauce pan mix together 2/3 a cup of evaporated milk (I just used one small can and it’s fine) and 2 1/2 cups of white sugar. Whisk together until you have a nice even boil. Be careful not to put your heat up too high or you will scorch it. It should look like this:

You will notice the candy thermometer. The recipe says to bring to a boil then continue to the next step. Thanks to a suggestion from my friend and house mate, I used a candy thermometer, which says for fudge it should boil until 250 degrees F.

While that was boiling, and I was stirring occasionally, I got the pumpkin ready. I bought a small (I think 15 oz) can of pumpkin puree. Measure out 3/4 a cup of canned (or fresh) pumpkin puree.IMAG1180

It took probably 15-ish minutes for my pre-fudge mix to hit 250 degrees.IMAG1182

Next you will add the pumpkin! I just plopped it in the sauce pan and started to stir with a wooden spoon. Then add 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon. (Next time I make it I might try doing it with pumpkin pie spice) IMAG1183

Next you will add one 7 oz can of marshmallow creme. I used Jet Puffed. (Yum!) If you are somewhere that you can find it I think fluffernutter would work just as well. Last part of this step is to add 2 tablespoons of butter. When it is all mixed you will get a gorgeous smooth pumpkin mix like this:


Let this mixture boil for a solid 18 minutes, stirring with your whisk, and being careful to not let it scorch! It’s pretty easy to do so be careful. After the boil has completed you will need to take the sauce pan off of your stove, and then add 1 cup of white chocolate chips and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract.

IMAG1188Pretty action shot:  IMAG1190

Pour into the prepared pan

IMAG1191 Let cool and set – then enjoy! IMAG1193

As of this posting we have not cut into our fudge yet, but trying the mix still warm – I can tell it’s going to be pretty awesome! I’ll let you know for sure though! If you try the recipe let me know how you like it.


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