I have bipolar disorder. It’s really no secret. It is a part of who I am.

Recently I was prescribed Lithium. It is the gold standard of bipolar treatment. Since being on it for a week I really have only felt a few things:

1. Nausea – Most medications have this side affect. Sadly, it doesn’t matter if I take it with a full stomach, an empty stomach, or with a glass of milk. I still get the nausea and upset stomach. I think, and it may just be a coincidence, that it’s actually making me lactose sensitive. *GASP* I looove milk! I can’t however, find anything anywhere saying that Lithium could cause this as a side affect.

2. Hand Tremors – Annoyyyyiiiinnnnng! Last night as I was getting my medication from its bottle my hands shook and the entire bottle flew all over the kitchen floor. I about cried. Then realized I had better pick them up quickly before the dogs could get to them! Thankfully they haven’t been bad whilst I am driving. Lets hope it stays that way!

3. Annoying bowel movements (sorry if this is TMI) – My poor body has been going back and forth between being normal and god awful. -_- I think with the dairy irritating my gut that is certainly not helping it any.

4. “Dumb brain” – aka space cadet – I get lost in the middle of my sentences, forget what I was saying or was going to say next, or just ramble on not making any sense. Yeah. For someone who has always been told that I am intelligent I hate feeling like I am now a bumbling idiot.

5. Dizziness – This becomes most apparent when I’m looking over my shoulder driving to see if it’s safe to switch lanes. If I move my head too suddenly I feel the need to vomit. Thankfully this has not happened, as I would hate to vomit on myself in the car. While driving.

These are all relatively mild and easy to handle, but the side affects could last for another couple of weeks. Some of which (hand tremors) could last longer. Another thing I’m not a fan of is the blood work. I know it is for my safety, but I really don’t enjoy getting poked by needles. Especially since they tend to take from my right arm all the time. It gets sore damn it! I always try to convince them to poke the left, but apparently my good veins are in my right arm. *sigh*

For now I will endure some side affects to hopefully get the benefits later on. My goal is to be medication free by the end of 2014 / beginning of 2015 and be stable for at least 6 months (with the help and supervision of my Psychiatrist and therapist) in preparation for a possibly baby. Plans may change depending on my mental status and when our first child is born. Guess we will see eh?


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