Welp. I was wondering what my next post was going to be about, and then the opportunity for a topic just came up. -_-

Our donor will be out of town between CD 15 and CD 19. The exact window of time that we will need him for our inseminations.

*huff puff* REALLY!?! Our first clomid cycle and our donor is out of town. UGH! Thankfully we do have a back up donor who we are always in contact with. He has actually turned into a good friend. Hopefully he can help us out.

We *do* have a back up to our back up though in case things don’t work out with our back up. Oy!


8 thoughts on “Set Back

    1. That’s very true. It could be him. He is totally an acceptable choice for us. Our kid will be cute with our donor or our back up 🙂 Part of the reason we chose our back up how we did was due to the “would our kid possibly look cute” factor and we totally think so!

  1. Aww, man! What timing! At least you have a backup (or two)! Thanks for the email, btw – I haven’t had a chance to respond, but will do so this evening. 🙂

  2. Hey! Just started following you but thought I’d mention . . .you might ovulate earlier than usual on clomid. Are you having u/s to check progress?

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