I think the title just about sums it all up. However, let me throw a little blog fit for a minute.


Period. End of statement. I’m so freakin’ tired of seeing everyone else all happy and pregnant, or with their little ones. It’s not that I’m not happy for them, I really am. I’m jealous. Plain and simple.


They get to be happy and hear the heartbeat, and go on those late night craving runs, and all the while the wife and I get to suffer disappointment over and over and over. 14 months in a row now.


My heart just aches. I want a little one to be growing inside my wife. I want to see and hear that little heartbeat of our peanut. I long for that moment, and yet it still eludes us.


I love my wife, and somehow we have made it this far, but it better be our turn soon damn it!!

It’s just not fucking fair 😥


3 thoughts on “It’s Just Not Fair!

  1. I’m so sorry hon 😦 I went through this recently myself, with my therapist telling me I need to accept that life’s not fair – but when you’re in a situation where you’re so ready to have a child, and there’s a 15-year-old down the street popping out a baby that she’s going to leave with her parents 90% of the time, it’s hard to accept the unfairness of life.

    I hope it gets easier for you guys and you get your BFP positive soon…and the fairness evens out a smidge.

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