Yep, after 13 months of trying, I was told to my “face” that I should not be giving advice and by another “donor” on the Known Donor Registry website (that I have been a part of for a year and some change) that my facts were all wrong and that sex is really the only way to go.

I really love crying at work and shaking, it’s the best thing ever! (total sarcasm there) Nothing like an awesome internet slap in the face to remind you that you and your adoring wife have been trying to get pregnant for 13 grueling months. Fucking Ass hats! Sorry for the language and the venting I’m just so flustered by this!!

We got into the odds after that. I stated there was UP TO a 20% odd of getting pregnant each try. Obviously circumstances are different for everyone and IUI and IVF increase odds too. Then another gave me this gem:



In other news 11dpo and chart is looking spectacular! The Mrs has had major heartburn (she did with her last pregnancy – sadly our bean didn’t stick that time) and woke up this morning with nausea…. maybe this is it!


Thanks for bearing with me folks! Its nice to have a blogging community ❤


6 thoughts on ““You Shouldn’t be Giving Advice”

  1. I avoid that chat at all cost! The one or two times I glanced at it there were lots of predators. The whole “sex is the only way” and “my sperm are amazing” types of things. I’m sorry you encountered ass hats today. I found it was futile to attempt to stop misinformation on there. Fingers crossed for no AF!!!

    1. Yeah I really am so discouraged by that comment. Oh well, as they say, be like a duck – let it roll off your back like water.

      Her temp is still high above cover line. Last night she had a little bit of yellowy brown cm… soooo shrugs…

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