Experiment with the power you possess to be happy (if you want to be.) List ten things that make you happy and do at least three of them. Then, do at least two random acts of kindness for someone else. How do you feel?

My Ten Things Are:

1. Cuddling with my Wife
2. Cuddling with our house mates toddler Jadzia
3. Hanging out with my friend Melissa
4. Zoning out playing Skyrim on my Xbox360
5. Napping (oh how I love to nap)
6. Read a book
7. Play with our dog Pippin
8. Chat with my friend Chris
9. Listen to music
10. Play my French Horn

I am looking forward to completing three of these. What about you? What are some things that make you happy??


2 thoughts on “What Makes Me Happy

    1. I too find it hard to cross everything off of my to do list. I have probably had a dozen going at one time. They say to make a small list so you don’t feel overwhelmed, but I’m not really any good at that yet.

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