I have been working my way through this cool book called “Achieve Anything in Just One Year” todays (Day 21) task is:

Imagine you are a super hero, and you can use your powers to help 3 people. Who will you help and how?

For me it would be my wife first – I would help her by successfully conceiving and bearing us a child by making her hormones perfect.

My second would be my step-dad. He has RA and is in lots of pain. He just had a knee replacement surgery and is set for his second in the near future. I would give him new pain free joints.

My third would be for my friends son Theodore. He was born very premature and needs a new heart. I would ensure that he got a working heart and that he would be well with no complications.


What about you? Do you have someone that you would help?


6 thoughts on “Achieve Anything

  1. I would help my friend’s husband. He is dying from stage IV cancer and they have two sons.

    I would help a blog friend conceive and carry a healthy baby.

    Can I help myself, too? I just want my boobs to make enough milk for my son so he can grow and be healthy!

    1. I would help my sister overcome her depression. I would help a blogging friend who is going through chemo. And last, I would help a good friend of mine conceive and give birth to a healthy baby.

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