Well this morning (after an awful night of tossing and turning for me) the Mrs had her HSG (dye) test. We got there early – as we usually do. All checked in and then we waited…

Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to go back with her, but the Mrs explained what happened.

They used a speculum (ick) and then took a catheter with a tip that had a little pea sized balloon that they blew up to keep the cervix open. Inserted a clear iodine type die through said catheter and took xrays to check her tubes. Both of which were prefect! The doctor also commented on her perfectly shaped uterus.

Ultrasound this coming week to check for cysts, but after that we are on the Clomid train!

2 thoughts on “HSG Test

    1. We are so ready for this baby to be conceived it’s not even funny! We have been told we have up to a 50% chance of conceiving in a 6 month time period, and up to 30% chance in the first couple of months, especially after the HSG. So, fingers crossed!

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