Have had some considerable nerves for Friday. The Mrs will be getting the HSG Dye Test done to check her tubes. We are not expecting anything abnormal, but there is always that small chance. Our OB said it is all a precautionary measure before starting on Clomid, so since she doesn’t seem super alarmed I guess we shouldn’t be either right??

For those of you who are unfamiliar, the HSG test is where they insert a dye through the cervix into the fallopian tubes and monitor it as the dye goes through. It checks to see if there are any obstructions in the tubes. If there are they will go in laproscopically to remove any blockages. The entire HSG should take maybe an hour to complete, and hopefully we will hear good news that day (I hope they don’t make us wait!)

She will also get an ultra sound soon to check for any ovarian cysts. Again, a precautionary measure before she starts Clomid. After all is said and done, and as long as the Clomid dose is correct our chances will be as high as 30%! Hurray!

I will be sure to report more after this whole thing is behind us.


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