“You Shouldn’t be Giving Advice”


Yep, after 13 months of trying, I was told to my “face” that I should not be giving advice and by another “donor” on the Known Donor Registry website (that I have been a part of for a year and some change) that my facts were all wrong and that sex is really the only way to go.

I really love crying at work and shaking, it’s the best thing ever! (total sarcasm there) Nothing like an awesome internet slap in the face to remind you that you and your adoring wife have been trying to get pregnant for 13 grueling months. Fucking Ass hats! Sorry for the language and the venting I’m just so flustered by this!!

We got into the odds after that. I stated there was UP TO a 20% odd of getting pregnant each try. Obviously circumstances are different for everyone and IUI and IVF increase odds too. Then another gave me this gem:



In other news 11dpo and chart is looking spectacular! The Mrs has had major heartburn (she did with her last pregnancy – sadly our bean didn’t stick that time) and woke up this morning with nausea…. maybe this is it!


Thanks for bearing with me folks! Its nice to have a blogging community ❤




Chart at 10DPO, trying so hard to not get too excited, but things are still looking good!

8 dpo

Image Officially 8 days past ovulation. The Mrs’ chart is looking pretty good right now. We will know in a few days if her temp drops if we are still in the running or if we are out for this month.

The good news is that her body is doing what it should and is producing progesterone after she ovulated. No drugs this round so that is encouraging.

Is a bit hard to keep my expectations in check, since we pretty much did this as a “sure why not” try. Maybe we WILL get lucky and the 13th try will be the charm eh?

What Makes Me Happy

Experiment with the power you possess to be happy (if you want to be.) List ten things that make you happy and do at least three of them. Then, do at least two random acts of kindness for someone else. How do you feel?

My Ten Things Are:

1. Cuddling with my Wife
2. Cuddling with our house mates toddler Jadzia
3. Hanging out with my friend Melissa
4. Zoning out playing Skyrim on my Xbox360
5. Napping (oh how I love to nap)
6. Read a book
7. Play with our dog Pippin
8. Chat with my friend Chris
9. Listen to music
10. Play my French Horn

I am looking forward to completing three of these. What about you? What are some things that make you happy??

Achieve Anything

I have been working my way through this cool book called “Achieve Anything in Just One Year” todays (Day 21) task is:

Imagine you are a super hero, and you can use your powers to help 3 people. Who will you help and how?

For me it would be my wife first – I would help her by successfully conceiving and bearing us a child by making her hormones perfect.

My second would be my step-dad. He has RA and is in lots of pain. He just had a knee replacement surgery and is set for his second in the near future. I would give him new pain free joints.

My third would be for my friends son Theodore. He was born very premature and needs a new heart. I would ensure that he got a working heart and that he would be well with no complications.


What about you? Do you have someone that you would help?

Lucky 13?

We are officially in the two week wait for try number 13. Maybe this will be lucky? Timing seems to be just about perfect at least, and both inseminations went smoothly as well. I know we are both so ready for this trying process to be over, and we are into the home stretch 9 month wait 🙂

HSG Test

Well this morning (after an awful night of tossing and turning for me) the Mrs had her HSG (dye) test. We got there early – as we usually do. All checked in and then we waited…

Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to go back with her, but the Mrs explained what happened.

They used a speculum (ick) and then took a catheter with a tip that had a little pea sized balloon that they blew up to keep the cervix open. Inserted a clear iodine type die through said catheter and took xrays to check her tubes. Both of which were prefect! The doctor also commented on her perfectly shaped uterus.

Ultrasound this coming week to check for cysts, but after that we are on the Clomid train!


Have had some considerable nerves for Friday. The Mrs will be getting the HSG Dye Test done to check her tubes. We are not expecting anything abnormal, but there is always that small chance. Our OB said it is all a precautionary measure before starting on Clomid, so since she doesn’t seem super alarmed I guess we shouldn’t be either right??

For those of you who are unfamiliar, the HSG test is where they insert a dye through the cervix into the fallopian tubes and monitor it as the dye goes through. It checks to see if there are any obstructions in the tubes. If there are they will go in laproscopically to remove any blockages. The entire HSG should take maybe an hour to complete, and hopefully we will hear good news that day (I hope they don’t make us wait!)

She will also get an ultra sound soon to check for any ovarian cysts. Again, a precautionary measure before she starts Clomid. After all is said and done, and as long as the Clomid dose is correct our chances will be as high as 30%! Hurray!

I will be sure to report more after this whole thing is behind us.