So the general plan right now is to have the Mrs. get the HSG Dye Test done as well as a pelvic u/s to make sure there are no blockages (with the dye test) and no cysts (with the u/s)

After that if (when) it all comes back normal she will start clomid. We are hoping to have a few cycles on clomid at home with our donor – if that doesn’t work (please let it work!) we will probably end up using banked sperm for IUI – unless we come up with the money for using our donor as a Directed Donor. *sigh* anyway – that’s “The Plan”


4 thoughts on “The Plan

    1. Yes he has been checked and he is above average in every possibly category in regards to his little swimmers. We have a plan, and that’s something. Might not be my favorite course of action, but at least the doctor is giving us the time of day – even if it did take a whole year.

      1. Yeah. Unfortunately it’s a progesterone problem. At least we know what it is and have a start on fixing it. Our donor is awesome and dedicated. We should be able to get a couple insems in at home with him donating. That will give us time to save up for IUI or directed donor with him. Whichever is less expensive!

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