The Plan

So the general plan right now is to have the Mrs. get the HSG Dye Test done as well as a pelvic u/s to make sure there are no blockages (with the dye test) and no cysts (with the u/s)

After that if (when) it all comes back normal she will start clomid. We are hoping to have a few cycles on clomid at home with our donor – if that doesn’t work (please let it work!) we will probably end up using banked sperm for IUI – unless we come up with the money for using our donor as a Directed Donor. *sigh* anyway – that’s “The Plan”


Exclusively by Mommy Event

I am happy to say that our side business Hartman Hollow Woolies N More ( will be participating at the Vancouver WA. store Cotton Babies event “Exclusively by Mommy” tomorrow. We have been busy as Beavers making lots of goodies to sell.

The Mrs has made some quilts and baby skirts and I’ve made a small sampling of many things. A blanket, dryer balls, burp cloths, flats etc etc. I still have some work to do when I get home from work tonight, but hopefully in the end it will be worth it! Be on the lookout for some pictures after the event tomorrow.

Baby Envy

Lately I’ve been dealing with baby envy. It seems that everywhere I look I see pregnant women, women with newborns, infants, or toddlers; and I can’t help but get a little bit jealous. When will it be our turn for a little blessing? One would think that after a year of trying we would have success. Well, unfortunately that is not the case for us.

We have had the blood work done, and know what’s up, now the OB needs to stop being dumb and get us in for an appointment, hell even a 15 minute consultation is really all we need. However, our OB’s office is moving, so we are on a wait list. -_-* let me just say how annoyed I am by this. They KNOW how hard it is dealing with this stuff.

We are officially labeled in their system as an “infertility case” – that hurt a little bit. Took some getting used to, but the infertility nurse we saw for our initial appointment was wonderful. Didn’t bat an eye about us using a donor and trying at home AI either. I am incredibly grateful for that. I have heard many awful stories about gay couples having issues with doctors offices or clinics who refuse to work with them due to either 1) being gay and/or 2) using a known donor vs. using sperm from a bank, so I count my blessings with that one.

With everything that is going on in our life a little one is always on my mind and in my heart. Every baby I see is like a tiny stab in the heart. Now don’t get me wrong, I am incredibly happy for people who have gotten success and have a little one of their very own, but I really want a little one for us. For our family to expand to the 2 legged kind (not just the fur babies) I guess until it happens for us I’ll just keep having a bad case of baby envy.

I promise I won’t be raiding any hospitals for a baby 😉

The Gift of Water

Not too long ago – within the last week or so; a friend mentioned she would like to get a case of water to keep in her truck to give to homeless people on the side of the road, as she wasn’t comfortable giving them money. So it got me thinking about it. Water – the simple gift of water.

It’s something that we take for granted. That we can go into our kitchen and turn on the tap and bam! We have water. So for the entire summer I have decided that I will keep water bottles in my car and hand out to people who need it. It’s a cheap thing and could very well make someones day.

The Birth Partner

I picked up this book at the store called “The Birth Partner” by Penny Simkin. The author is very unbiased in her information in this book and is extremely knowledgeable! The whole basis is for the partner/lover/doula/any other birth partner to help during the last trimester and during the entire birthing process. I’m excited to get into it in more detail!

Thought I would just share that little tidbit 🙂 Hope everyone is staying cool out there!