Father’s Day Abba’s Day

The Mrs and I have decided that we would celebrate her on Mother’s day – seemed fitting as the bio mom of our hopefully soon to be gayby; and that we would celebrate me on Father’s Day, or around our house it will be known as Abba’s day as that is what I will be called. 🙂

This year I was pretty mopey as had things gone as planned it would have been my first Abba’s day with our precious little one. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. It was also the first Father’s Day without my Pepa and that was hard 😦

The day was uneventful since I slept all day and went to work at 6pm for my usual graveyard shift. All in all it wasn’t a terrible day really, just me being mopey. Maybe this time next year we will have a bobble headed infant. ❤


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