Well, I think it’s official, we’re going “crunchy”. Not only are we planning on cloth diapering, but I have officially made the switch over to cloth pads. It’s incredible how much more comfortable they are! Not sure if I can convince the wife to make the switch over to cloth TP, but we’ll see. I know it may seem silly, but honestly, it saves SO much money! With the nice weather I’m able to hang dry things, so even an extra load of laundry a week isn’t terrible.

In other news, we met with or fertility nurse to get some preliminary blood work going to see where Jess is at. Hopefully things are good. Sadly its out of pocket expenses, but having 50% coverage is more than many get so we must count our blessings there. If all is well hormonally then we go in laproscopically and make sure her tubes are clear of any obstructions. That will be about $400… A bit of an expense, but manageable and worth it in the end.

Currently on try number 11. I can’t believe it has been a year! Oh man what a fucking year it’s been too! So many ups and downs. Trying to conceive… who knew it could be so hard!


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