Well, that’s it. No 2013 baby for us. It’s just not in the cards. I feel like every turn the cards just keep stacking against us. Its so frustrating it makes my stomach hurt. My depression level has slowly crept up so I feel like there is a rock sitting on my chest. We both want a baby so damn bad! It’s just not going to be a 2013 baby. šŸ˜¦

I’ve heard so many people say things they think are helpful. “Relax and just let it happen” or “Maybe it’s just not the right time” or even “Have you thought about you carrying instead of your wife”. All of these things ARE NOT HELPFUL!!! Not one little tiny bit! I know that they are said by people who do genuinely care about us, but it just doesn’t help.

I know its hard for many people to understand, especially if they have never gone through it themselves. I have many peers who have a child or hell even a couple children already! We are behind in the baby making department. Not that we wanted to rush into anything, but by the time we DO have our baby we will be what… 24, 25? There’s no true timetable. I guess when it happens it happens, and until then we ride this crappy falling apart roller coaster.


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