Initiative 1192

This first link is for same sex marriage.

The second (below) is against it.


For obvious reasons I am for same sex marriage. Who’s business is it but my own and my wife’s business how we run our lives?

Today outside Wal-Mart we were asked if we would sign for Initiative 1192 which would bring the bill that was passed back in February to allow same sex marriage in Washington go to a public vote. This would delay the right to marry until the vote in November. The bill is set to go into effect next week.

If you are solicited to sign this initiative, be sure to read it carefully! They will try to suck you in saying that we are “defending our right to vote on initiatives.” This is misleading, and incredibly untrue! It is to get the initiative on the November ballot to vote down the law that was already signed by Governor Gregoire in February.

I urge you to pass this along to all of your friends and family in Washington. Don’t give in to the hatred!