Anti-GLBTQ Businesses

A-1 Self Storage Company
AutoZone Inc
CBRL Group Inc. (Cracker Barrel restaurants

Dish Network
Domino’s Pizza
Gold’s Gym
Golfland Entertainment Centers
Home Depot (online insurance quote-comparison portal): The Company is a major sponsor of Bill O’Reilly’s radio talk show and Bill gives voice to their commercial. In addition to selling insurance, they provide information about the insurance industry. In an article on the business website entitled “Top five ways to kill yourself and get away with it”, They lists the number one way to kill yourself: “1. Being gay.”

Manchester Grand Resorts
Meijer Inc. (Retail supercenter) Sounds like gay banner website but, in fact, is an on-line seed and lawn care retailer.

Request Foods: A frozen-food maker and supplier to Campbell’s Soup works hard to keep civil rights away from gays and lesbians in their community. In a political ad they ran to defeat a local nondiscrimination policy, they accuse gay people of being psychologically disordered, suggest that people can spontaneously change their sexual orientation, and argue that gays and lesbians don’t deserve civil rights because homosexuality is destructive to society.

Salvation Army: This “non-profit” religious organization is anti-gay and actively lobbies against pro-gay legislation in the US and abroad. The money you put in that red kettle is going to anti-gay evangelical Christian lobbyists. They believe that since they’re a “church” they have the right to not hire gay people because they are sinners. Salvation Army reserves the right to discriminate in hiring, promoting, and firing gay people, and in the benefits they provide their employees. And they come right out and admit that “practicing homosexuals” are not welcome in the “church.”

Urban Outfitters

Wal-Mart Stores Inc.: Does not offer domestic partner benefits except in locations required by law. Wal-Mart is the largest retail seller of books but refuses to carry any LGBT titles in their stores. However, they do sell an “ex-gay” children’s book.


I’m sure there are many other businesses as well and that this is not a complete list, however, it was brought to my attention lately and I am putting it out there to inform my friends and family of this awful trend with big businesses! Whether you care or don’t care, shop there, don’t shop there, or will no longer shop at one of these places at least you are informed.




I have been in Texas since Friday afternoon. Yesterday we did the touristy thing as well as saw my Grammie:


It was really good to see her since its been almost 3 years!

Today is a lazy Sunday watching the race and then taking a walk with the dogs later.

Spring Changes

I am very thankful for Spring this year. There have been many changes in our life this spring, a majority for the better.

For example, I have been at my new job at Genentech for a month and a half now 🙂 I am doing security for them and I enjoy it very much! The hours are good and the pay is good as well. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to excell in a great job!

Jessica has been doing well at Regal, and sadly did not get the promotion to a 1st Assistant position, but it wasn’t in God’s plan, so we are carrying on. It is a great opportunity though for Jess to start school again. She is looking forward to it a lot, and I am so excited for her!

We did move again, but it is a good move for us. We are renting part of a house with a wonderful lady named Rachel and her two children Zachary and Victoria. Its an adorable little house in a cute and quiet neighborhood. Rach is awesome and so are her kids. Jess and I are both looking forward to settling in at the new place and getting into a routine with the new family.

Unfortunately we did recently loose Jessica and her sister’s God Father Larry. He was taken away from us with a heart attack. Prayers for Larry’s soul and for the rest of the family through this greiving process would be ever appreciated.

My supervisor bought Swing Shift KFC! YUM! Off to eat 😀