The Birth Partner

I picked up this book at the store called “The Birth Partner” by Penny Simkin. The author is very unbiased in her information in this book and is extremely knowledgeable! The whole basis is for the partner/lover/doula/any other birth partner to help during the last trimester and during the entire birthing process. I’m excited to get into it in more detail!

Thought I would just share that little tidbit 🙂 Hope everyone is staying warm!



Some things that we would love to get accomplished in 2012:

1. Sell off or donate unwanted/un-needed items
2. Get a financial plan mostly in place
3. Work on training with Cairo
4. Organizing our messy apartment
5. Get Jessica into school

I’m making a short list so that we don’t get overwhelmed by tons and tons of things on the list! I didn’t really make a New Years “resolution” and I don’t think Jessica did either, but this is really as close as we will get.

I hope that everyone’s new year was pleasant and as stress free as it could be for a holiday.