Day 2 of insomnia. Not entirely sure if its medication, sickness, or bp II related. Nevertheless it is very annoying. Taken all required medications and even had some good exercise today at Powell Butte with the dogs and a friend.

Powell Butte was really cool! I’m glad we went. It was me, Jess, Jenne, our two dogs and her dog Demos. We walked around several miles of trail. It was SO hot!!! It felt like a dessert! But we got some good views of Mount Hood, even though he’s covered by a wildfire smoke cloud (prayers for firefighters and wildlife alike) and good exercise.

My nerves are irritated extra tonight from all the walking though I think. It was such a gorgeous day though! And, our puppies are very tired and will require minimal walking tomorrow (which I like because it’s supposed to be hotter!) Even extra pain meds haven’t knocked my ass out yet, which is very strange :/ I was hoping for some decent sleep so I could be productive indoors tomorrow since it’s going to be so hot. *sigh* I’m still going to try to get SOMETHING done at least.

We washed all of our bedding tonight at the laundry mat. Oy vey! What a headache! But totally worth it! We are NEVER taking our mattress cover off again! Super easy to get off. Bitch and a half to get back on! Argument was had over the stupid thing so we’re going to get a protective cover to help from the dogs instead. And wash the regular bedding once a month to help with any doggy smells or stains.It feels very good to have extra clean bedding 🙂 (I do wash our bedding at home just fyi, but the large comforter etc I can’t do at home)

Jess starts her second job tomorrow for a cleaning company. I’m very excited for her, but jealous at the same time… :/ I feel bad not having a job right now but I will be attending school full-time this fall at PCC so I’ll be getting my benefits from that which will help tremendously! 🙂 Plus I’ll be getting an associate degree at the same time as my Bachelors degree! Horray for job opportunities! (or so I hope right? lol!)

Anyway, it’s 2 am. Off to putz around online for a bit and then hopefully try to sleep. They say not to lay in bed if you can’t sleep. To get up and do something else for a bit and then try to sleep again. Lets hope it works! *crosses fingers*



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