Disclaimer: For those of you who have lived in apartments before you will know what I’m talking about. For everyone else, please bear with me on my rant.

1. Rude neighbors woke us up this morning (after literally 1 hour of sleep) with their hispanic music blaring loudly. These are the same neighbors who allow their children to lock each other out on the patio and then let them scream and yell and cry for what seems like forever. I don’t even know if they have someone watch them during the week, I never see anyone but the children, who behave very rudely.The other day one of them got sick on the patio and his younger brother was the one who came to check on him. These kids really aren’t old enough to watch themselves.

2. After unsuccessfully trying to sleep through a newborns cries outside my windows all night I have this to say. If your child is crying, attend to its needs. Promptly and wholeheartedly. I do not feel as though this poor child’s needs were being met since he or she was crying so much through most of the night. Or at least be kind and close your windows to muffle the noise. Go for a drive, or a walk, or use a rocking chair. SOMETHING to try and comfort you baby.

3. Neighbors who yell: There are many of these, the main bothers are the couple who’s patio is eye level with our windows who generally fight daily, and very loudly. They also have a pug, named pugsly, who is very cute, but barks at everyone passing by. This tends to set off our dogs to barking, which is extremely annoying, especially at 2am. The other neighbors allow their children to race up and down the stairs all hours of the day and night. Again setting off the dogs, and very loud and annoying when doing anything that would be much more enjoyable in near silence.

5. Management company: Every complex has their issues, some more than others. Having a good, knowledgeable staff is essential to running a successful apartment complex. Just because “complex” is in the name, does not make it rocket science! I’ve worked it, yes, it can be challenging, but there are always solutions! Yesterday one of the office staff said “I don’t do evictions” and refused to answer this man’s questions, insisting he come back tomorrow to speak with another staff member. Uhm, part of your job is to attend to the residents. Maybe she didn’t know anything about evictions, but I’m sure there was something on his file as to why and when and lawyer fees etc.?? I may have been new to the game but I learned about how evictions worked and how to explain them.

6. Maintenance: Luckily our staff here are exceptional. In fact we have never had an issue with the maintenance staff. They are fairly prompt and resolve our issues in a timely fashion.

7. Income restricted properties: RUN AWAY FROM THESE AS FAST AS YOU CAN! These tend to attract the loonies, druggies, wanna be gangster kids, more drugs, violence, rude children, etc., etc., etc. It may seem awesome at first, getting a decent deal on rent, they suck you in on a good deal. It is hell. I can’t count how many times I’ve had to tell children off for being so loud at 10 or 11 pm because their parents don’t care. Or how many children I hear shooting off their mouth swearing so my jaw drops. Income restriction means hell. Trust me on this one!

8. Pool: Always busy with screaming children and white trash in bikini’s. Rules are “pick and choose” mostly. young children in the hot tub, parents not watching of course. And the hot tub is ALWAYS dirty and gross. The pool, nor the hot tub are substitutes for a bath people!! YUCK!!

9. Compactor: This area is always gross. Recycling thrown wherever, compactor is either full or people don’t throw their trash in far enough so you have a hell of a time getting yours in properly and you can’t leave it sitting out because then you will get fined $35 per bag!! If you send your children down with the trash, make sure they do it properly and are capable of getting it in the damn compactor!

10. Finally the moving process. Either in or out is always hell. Generally when you buy a house you’re there to stay for a while. We have moved 4 times in 2 1/2 years. Each time with no professional help. This is killer on our backs, legs, family, and friends. Some day we will own a home, and not have to move again for a while. But sadly apartment living is our spiral of hell right now.



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